Freezowarm Bowl with Lid – BS802 – (2 pieces) 1380 ml

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Quick Overview

As the name suggests, Freezowarm is ideal for storing freshly cooked food and leftovers in the refrigerator to be subsequently removed for microwave heating and serving.

The product has an air tight lid to preserve taste during storage. The Lid must be removed prior to or during microwaving and microwaving must not be done immediately after removing the bowl from the freezer.

Our food-grade glass is the number one choice for it makes a healthy kitchen and a happy family.

The image displayed shows our Freezowarm Bowl Set (2 Pieces) – BS802 Round – Plain Design. Other details are:
Unit Capacity: 1380 ml
Unit Height: 81.45 mm
Unit Maximum Diameter: 167.32 mm
Quantity: 2 pieces
Primary Use: Warming and Serving
Standard: Food Grade, Dishwasher Safe, Microwaveable (Warming purposes only – without lid and not in frozen state)

Out of stock