D-Light Dinner Set – DS20-M29 (6 PP10M29+ 6 PP07M29+ 6 BC06M29+ 2 BC35M29) (20 pieces)

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Quick Overview

The D-Light range of dinnerware has been created specifically in response to customer demand for revival of a since discontinued design motif.

The design has now been reproduced with YERA’s advanced geometry and lighter product weight technology. This set also serves as an ideal wedding gift.

Our food-grade glass is the number one choice for it makes a healthy kitchen and a happy family.

The image displayed shows our D-Light set (20 Pieces) – DS20x – M29 Moulded design. This dinner set includes:
PP10M29(10 inches Dinner/Lunch Plate): 6 pieces
PP07M29(7 inches Side Plate): 6 pieces
BC06M29(170 ml Curry Bowl): 6 pieces
BC35M29(1000 ml Serving Bowl): 2 pieces
Total Ware Weight: 5.661 kg
Standard: Food Grade, Dishwasher Safe

Out of stock